All Aeroshade custom basswood shades come complete with Hardware and Installation Instructions. If you need to replace hardware or re-cord your shades, call (800) 331-7179.

How to re-cord your basswood shade

  1. When re-cording your shade, thread the two ends of the pull cord up through the bottom of the cord lock between the locking dog and the cord lock housing.
  2. Bring the two cord ends over the nylon pulley.
  3. Your shade is equipped with two pulley hangers. Bring both pull cords through the narrow slot in the left side of the cord lock housing and thread the back cord down through the first pulley hanger and up around the back of the shade fastening it into the top of the pulley hanger on the back side of the shade.
  4. The second or front cord should then be threaded over to the far left pulley hanger down the front of the shade and up to the back of the shade and fastened into the top of the pulley hanger.